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Only applicable if your Jira administrator has created one or more custom fields. DBLoadPerUser was the metric we used to incorporate this user component into the execution time database load measure and the main measure we used to determine success. Slow cache population significantly increases the likelihood that another request for the same JQL will arrive before the cache has been populated, increasing what are JQL queries and how to use them the database load. In cases like the Jira Service Management queue above, it is important that end users receive up-to-date results quickly – within 10 seconds, rather than minutes or hours. For this reason, we prefer an invalidation strategy that listens to issue change and project configuration events affecting the search results. This is done with a backup TTL because event streams can be unreliable.

  • Once a filter is created, you can select it to share it with other users.
  • Search results are relative to your configured time zone (which is by default the Jira server’s time zone).
  • It is possible for your Jira administrator to change the name of a type, which could break any saved filter that rely on that name.

A flag is set in the cache whenever an event has been received for a JQL. The next read checks for this flag and updates if it is present, clearing the flag when the update is complete if no additional events have been received. For many temporal concepts, it should be possible to calculate when they will next need to invalidate the cache. For example, if we’re saying that we want issues older than five minutes, we should be able to determine from the contents of our cache when that is, and emit an event accordingly. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work so well for the sla field, which has a user-defined calendar making it quite difficult to determine when the next invalidation should be occur. It also does not resolve the per-user concepts or JQL equivalence.

Sharing Your JQL Queries

You can restrict the search to links of a particular type. Search for issues that belong to a particular component(s) of a project. You can search by component name or component ID (i.e. the number that Jira automatically allocates to a component). Search for types of change gating that are used in change requests.

JQL queries

Clarify with your Product Owners and Project Managers if the issues are still relevant to be developed. If they don’t support any business goals, it’s best to remove such issues. When you’re busy facilitating people, processes, and technology within a fast-paced scrum environment, use these JQL queries from our search extension add-on to make your job easier. We’ve grouped them according to the major job functions of a Scrum Master. Like in math class, functions boil down complex logic and make it easy for you to access and use in a simple way.

Use JQL Queries for Better Scrum Process

Also, existing code often expects strong consistency, so introducing an eventually consistent solution can require significant rework. Instead, the preferred solution, where possible, is to reduce database load. Jira Query Language, in short, JQL, is a query language that enables you to create your own structured queries to quickly retrieve the desired issue/set of issues. The response consists of an array of projects and each project contains an array of issue types that apply
to that project. The response consists of an array of projects and each project contains an array of issue types that
apply to that project.

A JQL query is a set of words and operators that define how Jira will narrow your search. JQL, or Jira Query Language, is a flexible tool that allows you to search for issues in Jira and pinpoint exactly what you are looking for. I have several teams that have active sprints, and I need to get the sprint names. I have to wonder if you have a custom field called Sprint. It will show you all issues that are contained in the sprint listed in the query.In the example above you can see one issue assigned to a sprint «My sprint 6».

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